Thursday, February 25, 2010

good luck lo^^

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my CNY holiday already end for one weeks only...

is really fun and happy but i desire ask for more holiday....

is not enough~~~~

busy mid-terms and assignments immediately...

somemore got presentation....sien

but i still fb-ing....FB fans^^v,wakaka....

do my best la....strive for
flying colour...

will abandon my blog with new BG in PINK....nice^^v

good luck to all my coursemates^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 CNY woohoo~~~

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(izzit true/fact that she had did plastic surgery??)
anyway i think she perfect as doll^^

she can be very beautiful as flower
very adorable as a kid
very handsome as a young guy,
she is angelababy,
an artist and model and now can be a comedy actress.

i begin more notice about her after watched all well end well 2010 yesterday,
although is not funny as last year,yet still some part of the movie can make me laugh till kua jiong~ u all should watch it to rate...

last year and this year same AK member watched with me...
that is loke,duck,chasiew and coconut
others not free to watch,haha...
what a coincidence~~~~
we really damn lucky for it,
the counter tv screen ady show that had sold out all tickets...
but we can get the reserve places that ppl cant make it on
that was really cool...

yesterday successfully bai nian with AK gang...i visit for 6 houses of them,
and gain angpau oso...yeah~woohoo~
but this year i dun hav that feeling of very enjoyable compare with past...
i just cant figure why....maybe without monkey and ahbeng???
or we chit chat lesser??? long time no see...our topic become lesser....>.<"""" and less of big laugh together....

but anyway, i think is delicious~ one person need RM32~ huat ah~~~~ hope we can fa cai this year~ haha

sigh~~~after CNY i gonna busy for midterm and assignments...sien

tmr continue bai nian gain angpau....




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