Friday, January 10, 2014

NYR 2014- DaeBak Year

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hehe Lets do  New Year Resolutions for best year 2014

1) gain knowledge
soft skill
-effective communication
-EQ management
-better social skill

2) lets sweat everyday 

3) more freedom

(Singapore, 九寨沟,韩国江南)
lets go dance gangnam style in gangnam street

4) read more books

5) find more time chill with friends
6) even no time with friends, i need to syok sendiri too hahaha
7) eat more healthy snack
need to have better body shape 

8) more exciting happening news to blog

9) sleep enough 8 hours
and take nap on afternoon section wakakakaka

10) I can lift more people up,
they able to help themselves by seeing hope =)

11) more free music concerts, more party i can bring peoples go together yeah

12) get more hugs from family and friends

13) we love each other , connect together and
take care each other forever ( sweeetttt ~~~~~)

14) always be thankful and grateful everything's happen in my life



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