Sunday, August 22, 2010

my love one~

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last week,i finally had visited my grandparent,
they livin with my aunt now.
I'm so glad that they feel happy livin in a cool environment compare with Penang hot places.
But i bet them definitely miss Penang food,friends,and memories there.

we brought along tobbie to visit too....he pee at there,and i need to lap again.
very paiseh lo....(oh ya,that's my mom)

my granddad~

beside him is my aunt^^

my granddad love tobbie so much,he missed his doggie last time adopted at Penang.
Granddad keep touch TObbie's head....and tobbie let him touch too,so cute.
and surprisingly,he din bite my granddad's hand,
plus,tobbie keep lick my granddad's foot....
I was like yewwwwww~~~~~


yeah~finally i had my harddisc pink one~

Tamago Cheese Unagi....@RM4
and i had ate the Unagi set for RM19.90,forgot to capture it because i was starving...
came to me for 20 minutes. Really took time to cook.haha

guess where it is???
my lovely tong shui shop~

Assata.Oslee.Beauty Product

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products bought from Assata

This is the cleanser + make up remover
contain milk can wash my face gently~ can use this for 5 months.
rate: 5/5

the main product I bought from Assata to reduce redness and scar from my face.
but there is a weak-point that this serum take time to fade away the very long time scar,
only can fade away the new scar only.
rate: 4/5

the Hyaluronic moisturizer@RM198
which can moisture my face and reduce wrinkle^^

ya,I love this,my pimples problems can reduce by this one,
is a popular product from Singapore and introduced by Assata girl-Angeline,
I using this to reduce my pimples,acne,blackhead.
rate: 5/5

Another new brand i had discovered-Oslee
formulate by Hong Kong,
you can obtain from Guardian,only RM59.90.
This product attract me with sleeping mask function,
that means doesn't like usual mask need to wash after 15-30minute,
u just apply it when u prepare to sleep,
then another morning just wash it.
besides, it's has a clear spa function,which can provide purify your face,
hydrating, relaxing, and anti-oxidan.
Anti-oxidan is reduce the chances to get old for your faces.

my toy~

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haha~ my present gave by my dear bf and bf

Dear gave me bag and the love shape ball handmade by him~
love this present~

this present also special,is a Star Present Box,
gave by Lynne~
It's need to be intelligent to open the box,
I spent time to open it,because duno where to open,
and i dun want to spoil the box. haha
Luckily,got people help me open~

dang dang dang~~~Mickey Mp3^^

this Japan girl call Chiyo
is a free gift after purchase the Shokubutsu shower.

ya^^ domokun@action city~~

the Big-small eyed crab without the hand,
Mouse pad, and zhutuki wrap with plastic~

and the zhutuki~

bought at the shop beside Long Fung Guk@Kampar

did u see my another toy(tobbie)? lying under the sofa,
so cute,his face was so tired after i played with him.haha^^

Friday, August 20, 2010

lil vinegar

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he is creature of bullying people...

how like that??? i cant accept that he keep bully girls...

I'll always creature of Jealous! hern!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally Balanced^^v

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wah....I'm so happy ah...

this is my very 1st time can get balance figure in balance sheet in test^^v
thank you Karnal Singh,teach us very deep so I can understand how is the account debit and credit flow clearly,
I also need thank to Nicole,let me recall one of the transaction which is unique,seldom do one....but i can get balance and she can't...weird~
I feel so miracle i really can balance,...but the problem is I duno is comfirm correct or not.haha
The EPS is definitely hard for me....i really duno how to do,
just simply crap,i hope i can get some marks from there....
theory part also ok,but sure cant get full marks,cuz i duno how to give full example for Karnal...haha

overall consider ok^^

Got one more task for this week,
do FYP!!!!
gah yao....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

try to stop propose

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I'm just proposing,

but they somehow think I'm annoying,

fine,it's seems like I'm over crave things from u guys...

Just ignore my whatever suggestion.

Monday, August 9, 2010

PC fair-Memories-Cherish~

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well, last Saturday went to PC fair,
i really think that PC fair should not call as PC fair,
they should name as digital fair or others...
because it is really not promote of PC only...
many digital hard or software is there more than PC.
haha,i just want critic for fun.
Moreover,there are so many familiar faces i saw right there,haha
I want to check price of Lumix Lx5 but there are not yet launch out,
ok,i will wait. Great deal! Sony TX1 only Rm999 and a lot of gifts not normally will give out,it is very worth price....
if i have money,i sure will buy,haha

I saw others countries's PC fair is more attractive games,contest, and there are a lot spaces to walk around, but our PC fair was so crowded yesterday and not really attractive compare with others...Luckily i have bought hard disc there...outlook is very fined,and the function of turbo power is so attractive for me,that's why i chose lil pinkie~
my next target,RAM(the power of any pc)...haha
i desire to buy many stuffs, Camera la,BB cream, Pore minimizer la...
need to save a lot money....i could not eat expensive food already...wuwuT.T
Pray this sem break got any high incentive let me to do...

Sigh,...last weekend supposed we have our lovely trip in PD,but just cant go for many reason. Perhaps let me upload some memories of Melaka although we can't go PD,
( i din upload Penang because I dun have it~who to blame???) hahaha...

that time we were eating delicious Chinese cuisine~wakaka~^^

and then,we headed to watch A'famosa show,
we were waited for kinda long time,we captured a lot of pictures.
(ignore our blurred faces)

After show,we enjoyed our red wine party,
the red wine had mix with little pieces of wood,
due to cant open the red wine wood cover...u know how we opened it?
we just used key to dig it damn silly after i watched the video which have better way to open it.hahaha ANyway,i'm so enjoy with the little party^^v

I missing him again,i had 2 weeks din back to take care him,
after he saw me reached home,he just kissing me,
yiiii~~kinda felt gross,but i'm just happy to see him so excited till pee lil at floor again,
and guess what?!

haha,I love u tobbie~ muacks~

HAha....U also dun jealous la,
I also love u~

Is my treasure that i have found for so many days~
u r just my Paradise~~~~~~
Let me stay in this island with you always till last~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dun lose your smile~

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No doubt, is a Lavender fragrance oil
which is very useful for me to relax my mind,
haha...In addition, i found out that Lavender oil
not only can make us feel relax,
its also can get rid of those small mosquito or flies.
because its dun like the smell at all...really useful~ haha

recently,i have no idea why i get flatus and lau sai,
and i begin no mood to eat,
a few days ago was worst at all,
think about my favorite food also felt wanna to puke,
sibeh cham ah~~~

i cant accept these..
how like that??? (mimic Karnal singh again,wakaka)

sigh, hope i can get well soon,
i enjoy to eat....hahaha,
test on sat, and RMP have a lot of things need to get done,

come on,
gimme a break....
wish that we are not group 3....sigh
Nvm,today i learned that we should not feel regret,
and whenever facing obstacles,

dun losing your smile,joy,happy ^v^
SMile =)

by faith,
gah yao everyone,
good luck!~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

love ur parent more than others.

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watch this MV,
what is your mind after watch this movie?
there are many movie,video,music video that send a message to all of us to learn how to love people especially our parent...because many people tend to abandoned their parent in old folk.
even you are excellent in academic doesn't means u r good in other things.

for me,my tear dropped...
is easily for us as child to promise our parent that we will take care for them,
in reality,there are selfish person,stuck in their mind,
and dare to just send parent to old folk house.
some just let them in old house,but not really take care of them,they rather take care for their own children.

i hope this MV could bring message to all of us as a person,we always should take care our own selves, family, lover, children,relative& friends and community.



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