Sunday, August 22, 2010

Assata.Oslee.Beauty Product

Posted by crabiie e^^avanne at 2:41 AM

products bought from Assata

This is the cleanser + make up remover
contain milk can wash my face gently~ can use this for 5 months.
rate: 5/5

the main product I bought from Assata to reduce redness and scar from my face.
but there is a weak-point that this serum take time to fade away the very long time scar,
only can fade away the new scar only.
rate: 4/5

the Hyaluronic moisturizer@RM198
which can moisture my face and reduce wrinkle^^

ya,I love this,my pimples problems can reduce by this one,
is a popular product from Singapore and introduced by Assata girl-Angeline,
I using this to reduce my pimples,acne,blackhead.
rate: 5/5

Another new brand i had discovered-Oslee
formulate by Hong Kong,
you can obtain from Guardian,only RM59.90.
This product attract me with sleeping mask function,
that means doesn't like usual mask need to wash after 15-30minute,
u just apply it when u prepare to sleep,
then another morning just wash it.
besides, it's has a clear spa function,which can provide purify your face,
hydrating, relaxing, and anti-oxidan.
Anti-oxidan is reduce the chances to get old for your faces.


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