Monday, May 25, 2009

okok onli~haiz

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emo time~
omg....i have checked my result>.<
how to say??? emmm....result bad but i adi feel satisfy,at least i try hard to not get

next sem will more hardworking for it....i want aim higher
i want more CGPA~ yes man^^




he come to chat wif me leh....straight away feeel nervous>.<
damn gan jiong le....
duno how to describe my feelings....i really never expect he will come chat wif me...
cuz he so "otaku"~wakaka...
anyway,hope can be a good fren la^^hehehhe

T.T back to skul

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oh time of what???asked by devil of me

is time to back to school.....replied by angel of me...

devil of me said come on,just the 1st week,relax man.

angel of me warn me better keep ur holiday mood, its time to proceed degree year 2.

maybe the journey of Unversity had just beginning~

today my frens told me today result will be annouce,
i feel damn worry about still cant login in my utar portal,
this feeling is damn su*ks...what to do??? just can waiting and praying~

hope i can hear the good news>.<

pls do not think I'm still the naive girl that i were...
now i have been grew up and learned things...
no more easy believe in guys

Friday, May 22, 2009


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last friday went to NZX wif kingdom, excited when heading to there for full house.
that day was a wonderful sunlight of afternoon,
just 5 of us inside soo-mi(the duck car),

we (i mean babes) were dressing nicely,
i saw them make up too....wakaka.
just guys still remain same,haizzzz =.="
(i wonder when gonna make changes a????)hehe

there we are.....

we ordered half dozen cakes....and chicken chop and curry mee
(i like the strawberry one...but let duck eat jor>.<>

siao kia-,-"

he teaching us to act sexy....uek~

oh~chasiew can do it....bravo~

i just can sit there only...nice dream bed>w<
inside bath tab....hehe


try their spec and hats^^

is time to capture down stair,


leaved from full house, cost us RM100.45,T.T

~camwhore~ funny~>w<

i just like the cutie stuff there...

next station: tenji or the cave~ yeah>w<


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William Shakespeare





Thursday, May 21, 2009

@ mix @

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see this all houses???
my new hostel area....
and here are brand new house,

that means only us...

living there>,<


ntg good things talk about my hostel,
so i will blog very past when we in 1481,

ya,i'm holding the spaghetti cooked by lynne.

i like so much^^

dinner time^^

the beautiful day^^

did u notice any things???hehehe
i captured the beautiful rainbow...
it was the 1st time i saw rainbow so CLEarly...
i'm so happy that i can saw 7 colors of that....
when we were back to KL inside KTM.

that's all for my post,bb

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Trek 2009

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wow....nice movie man,....
i just watched this with my another 2 flowers...
is damn funny and exciting
now i still feel that space surrounding....

i thk Krit is handsome la,
but he dun so play boy...will more better^^
another guy i dun rmb his name,
his is 17 years old boy inside the movie,
he just speak also can make me laughing loudly~
wakaka~so cute>w<

rate 9.9/10
becuz the sound volume too loudly,
i feel my ear hurt when watching,
my lousy ear>.<

i get my new lens too^^

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my drawing^^v

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pls dun keep take money from me............

if not i kiap sei u............

i'm poor....
pls money money come to my side^^

i will gambate to save money

(blog my drawing,.....
crab crab^^v)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

the Garden

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today was a moderate sunlight weather,
i was so nervous about my P license,
becuz i forgot go to renew,
i scare need to retake the driving test again...>.<
after i call to my driving school,she said no need retake test....
i damn relieve,screamed around in my kitchen,.......

wakaka today went to my aunt's friends_annie aunty's house to help her sign up facebook, wakaka...she wanna play farm games,i just introduced to her the Farm Town. i even help her register for her an account,so that she have her own mail box. After that,my aunt wan accompany wif her to 1u, she wants to buy new handbag, and i just can window shopping=.=" I saw watson fair, i bought product of collagen to improve my skin's problem, that was the stuff i dreamed of....hoping can solve my skin prob. tmr i gonna to drink it....wakakaka... we had dinner at the Garden, the restaurant totally is Garden, full of flowers and grass.(although it is fake)haha

i ordered hot green tea

and below is the environment~

tis is food that i ordered,
is butter sauce with mashed potato with dory fish
delicious^^ for who dislikes eat fried food.

ice-lemon tea RM5.9(walao~)
just notice the rose,it just beautiful for me^^

captured by the waitress...
really thanks for their service,
they really love their jobs...
they treated us as real customer^^
rate their service as 10/10^^v
damn nice their attitude^^

after eat, den back home quickly,cuz rushing back to meet my kingdom yumcha^^



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