Sunday, November 7, 2010

Genting-1 day trip^^

Posted by crabiie e^^avanne at 9:42 AM
yeah...just came back from Genting that i didn't go there for a period of time...
a year perhaps? haha...
I went with Chris and his family....I'm so happy had a chance spent time with his family...
(although his parent was in the Casino...haha).

B4 reached at Genting,i was quite worried about any accident...
because i had heard many stories from Lynne...
and i keep console myself must think positively...dun scare...haha
what a coward am i...

Luckily, everything's was smooth except i had sick and bought medicine this morning,haha
But thank god,i din running nose,hahaha...
capture many picutures i shall share right here^^

 His elder sis and young sis^^ Allison & Diana

 (my face look very ugly,so unfocused it)

 We have a nice smile^^
chapping skin again =.=" 
 inside the train
 Hi Diana

What a noob faces of us,wakaka...

Yeah...I hope we have next plan for 1 day trip like this so excited^^


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